Mary Doran Artist


I graduated from the University of Ulster in 2003 with a B.A Honours degree in fine art. Since then I have found success in exhibiting both nationally and inter-nationally.

In the past I confronted ongoing themes such as love and death, memories and dreams. I look for movements and gestures that generate a spiritual energy, the main concern being to capture a sentiment of emotions, melancholy and sensuality in contrast to tenderness and compassion.

Through the exploration of colour, light, contrast and perspective I create an earthiness to my characters. Their physical presence and vitality is 


Photograph by Clare Magee 2012

countered by a sense of their alienation and isolation achieving elusive, enigmatic and ambiguous forms.

My works are refined through past experiences and technicalities. I take a figure in its simplest and most traditional form and develop it using different marks. I explore unforeseen qualities within the painting through shadows and contours as it emerges into a contemporary and ultramodern piece.

My recent paintings have developed, in that I am taking more risks. Working mainly in bitumen and shellac I begin planning my painting by drawing it out in a very controlled approach then the fun begins when I let the bitumen drip. I love this new process as it allows me the freedom to express myself.